The Bluebell Aqua

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The Bluebell Aqua

A wonderful handtied bunch of flowers with the stems in a water bubble. 
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Bluebell Florists will create a beautiful bunch of flowers using the best flowery ingredients available.

The stems are arranged in the hand to form a spiral and then the stem ends are aqua packed in a bubble of water using a small piece of cellophane and then set into a handtied box or bag. 

This is a beautiful ready arranged gift, maintaining a continual water source for the flowers from leaving our shop through to being received by the recipient. All the recipient needs to do is remove the wrapping and water bubble and place their flowers in a container of their choice.

Please note that the water bubble is not a substitute for a vase and for the best longevity of the flowers, Bluebell Florists recommends removing the water bubble and placing the flowers in a container of fresh water as soon as possible. The flowers can be left in the water bubble for a maximum of around two days.

If you prefer the stems to be left longer or a more eco friendly option, avoiding the use of the cellophane water bubble, we recommend the Bluebell Handtied.

Please note that this item will not contain any  lillies. 



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