About Bluebell Florists


Bluebell Florists was established in In 2010 by myself, the current owner Natalie Owens. If you become a customer of Bluebell Florists it will be me that you will meet with or who will do your flowers. 

For 13 years, Bluebell Florists was situated in a beautiful, little characterful cottage style stone building in the heart of Almondbury Village in Huddersfield. However due to needing more space, Bluebell Florists has relocated to larger workshop based premises. 

Having moved to Huddersfield in the late 1990s to study completely non flowery subjects at university and then working in office based jobs for a few years and feeling a little lost, I decided a change was required. 

Although enjoying playing flower shop as a child, often creating flower displays outside my home with flowers picked from the garden and being obsessed with making rose petal perfume, the decision to pursue a career in floristry was awoken years later, inspired by a Coronation Street storyline. I did literally wake up one morning unhappy in my job and decide that's it, flowers will make me happy and I'm going to become a florist.

A trip to Borders (remember Borders ? )to buy a load of floristry books took place that very day and after falling more and more in love with every page turned, I very quickly enrolled on a floristry course and began a journey into the world of flowers. 

After completing a two year City and Guilds Floristry course and volunteering at a local Huddersfield Florist shop, all whilst working full time in a proper job, a little vacant shop was advertised for rent in Almondbury. With a great leap of faith and a bit of recklessness,  a full time job office job was given up and a few months later Bluebell Florists was created. 

Over the last thirteen years, Bluebell Florists has grown into a thriving business and the move to larger premises will allow it to flourish a little more. 

I am particularly interested in sustainable floristry techniques and has attended workshops  with both Sabine Darell and The Tallulah Rose Flower school, both leaders in sustainable floral techniques. 

Other loves include the brilliant Bruce Springsteen who I listen to constantly and my beautiful family of four cats and a Cockerpoo.  

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